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The Truth About Bids

Often times when you have damage to your home and file a claim, your insurance agent may ask you to obtain several estimates or bids and imply that this is required as part of the claim process. This is not true. It is in no way stated within any homeowner’s insurance policy that the insured is required to obtain bids before a claim is initiated.

As the insured, you choose the company to do your restoration work. Getting several bids from several roofers will slow down the entire process. Roofers take days or weeks to get figures back to you. If you have storm damage at your residence, you do not have time as a luxury. You want to get the work expedited as promptly and judiciously as possible.

When you get bids, your Insurance Company is hedging on the fact that most people are conditioned to choose the bid with the lowest price. Low-priced work is not high-quality. Additionally, roofers and contractors offering a “cheap” bid often times do not carry adequate insurance, do not have a roofing license, do not offer complementary upgrades (ice and water shield or lifetime shingles) nor carry a surety bond, and of course they will take several short cuts. How do you think they can do the work for so little?

In addition, using a bid that is less than your insurance scope Replacement Cost Value (RCV) means depreciated funds that your Insurance Company should pay in full will never be released. In other words, money you are entitled to receive for your home is never paid in full by the Insurance Company. The result is an extra out of pocket expense paid by the homeowner.

It is your Insurance Company’s obligation to indemnify your property and present you with their calculated estimate and release funds for repairs. You are entitled to the maximum Replacement Cost Value.

As the insured, you truly want a company who understands the claim process and resolves to work as your advocate. Cardinal Catastrophe Services, Inc. uses an agreement called “Insurance Restoration Contract and Authorization of the Insured.” This allows us to work with your Insurance Company on your behalf. You sign a similar agreement at your doctor’s office so they can work with your health insurance provider. By entrusting us to serve as your advocate, we can ensure maximum funding for the required work while making the process very simple for you. You do not need to submit bids or haggle over price. We complete the entirety of your restoration work for the agreed upon Replacement Cost Value as determined by your Insurance Company.

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